Our Story

Amalā Tea was created out of our love for tea. We are a tea drinking family and with Eran's background as a herbalist and Christine's background as a maker and creator of Sola Skincare, we thought what better way than to meld our two worlds together. 

Aside from prescribing herbs in his own practice, Eran was often recommending various herbal teas that his patients could drink to help support their treatment. One evening while chatting over a cup of tea, Christine had the idea to create a line that Eran could offer to his patients directly; sourcing the highest quality ingredients and getting the proportions right. 

Using Eran's knowledge and extensive training as a classical herbalist (trained in both Western & Eastern traditions), each blend was formulated meticulously and with specific attention to each of the herbs flavour, nature and other distinguishing features, to not only create a blend that tastes great but also serves a specific purpose in assisting the inner workings of the body and helping the 'tea drinker' feel great.




We are committed to providing only the highest quality ingredients for our customers and therefore only use certified organic ingredients we've sourced ourselves 

Adhering to our values, we are committed to reducing our footprint on the Earth by using only the highest quality herbs, reducing packaging and waste wherever we can.

We are a family-run business, proudly making our products locally in Vancouver, BC, where we live with our two lovely girls, Sophie and Lila.